We are ready to fly!!!


Can you tell we have been busy? I’m writing this at about one hour before we head to the airport to go to NYC for Surtex 2013. I have so many emotions and feelings bowling inside me. I’m very very excited!!! so much that I feel giggly and I kinda laugh about everything .

Yesterday as I was picking up the last prints for our booth, the guy from the printer told me that he had printed 2 of each wich is why the whole bill was going to be $500!!!!! (when we had budgeted for $120) … I started smiling and then laughing… I wanted to talk further more about the misunderstanding in a professional way of course (and I did, everything ended up working out) but I think in the end he must’ve thought I was going coo coo!. I found myself inside countless episodes like that one in the past couple weeks.  I’m in a very prolonged natural buzzed state (and I almost never drink). Don’t get me wrong is a GREAT feeling!.


Together with that feeling I also feel many other ones, to name a few: I feel bold, I feel courageous, I feel curious, I feel like a beginner, I feel confident, I feel scared, I feel transformed already (in a very good way), I feel unprepared (even though we prepared for a whole year), I feel part of an amazing team and I feel the unknown knocking at our door.

Anyways, please give a round of applause to my sister and I who made it this far! Now we are stepping into the real essence of this journey and we are ready!!! We are setting up the intentions of the next week to be filled with the perfect learning experience for us, the perfect matching buyers and uplifting and transforming partnerships for our business. We are ready to rock this show!!! These are a couple of reminders for us (you know we come back to the blog an actually read our own posts all the time lol)

• Be ready and open to learn. Show up always with a beginners mind.

• Document everything, for our readers and because next year we are going to forget everything.

• Share your knowledge and ideas.

• Ask for help and ask questions if needed.

• Remind each other how much of a good job we have done and how much we like working as a team.

• Stay focus and organized.

Above a sneak peek of two of the collections we’ll be exhibiting

Here is to our creative journey!!! send us blessings




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  1. Ali Mackin says:

    Hey have great time here in NY! Oh yes conferences are super important! Congrats on living your dream. Great blog following on Bloglovin!

    Ali of

    Dressing ken

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