WeAllGrow Summit: From Field Trips to Keynotes

WeAllGrow Summit is over but there is so much to tell you about! Today we picked our favorite moments (very hard thing to do) with a little bit of a recap of how those moments were this year. We actually had to make it into two posts because it was so long!

Weallgrow Summit recap 2017 -DariDesignStudio.com

Today we tell you about our favorite field trips, sessions, and keynotes.

Unique Field Trips

The day before the Summit starts there are several different field trips you can sign up for in advance, depending on your interest. I think It’s one of the best parts of the Summit because you can spend the whole day meeting new people and/or sharing with old friends in a very special environment. You can also learn more about a brand you love (a brand will usually organize the whole field trip for the influencers) and simply enjoy a fun outing.

DARIELA: This year I went for a ride with Mazda, they let us try their different car models driving from Long Beach to Rancho Palos Verdes with several stops. We were privileged to hear from a Mazda design manager, Teresa Spafford, while having lunch at the beautiful Terranea Resort. We were even treated to “Painting by the sea”! I mean, the whole day was out of this world. Thank you, Mazda and WAG! I will have a detailed post over at MamiTalks about this day and update here when it’s done.

Weallgrow Summit Mazda Field trip 2017 -Daridesignstudio.com

DARIANA: My field trip was to the headquarters of Redbull in Santa Monica. It was so great to learn about their brand. It was very inspiring to her about their motto “#givesyouwings” which means that Redbull is in the business of helping elevate athletes and artists that can use help and support in their career.

My favorite part was getting to know their in-house gym and trainer where we were able to experiment with some machines and learn how they do scientific testing on athletes performance. They gave us an office tour throughout their three buildings which were magnificent and we finished it all up with a super healthy lunch while listening to some latin vintage music!! The best part for me about the field trips is that we get to meet new people in a more intimate environment.



Powerful and Diverse Sessions

I can’t imagine how hard it is for Ana to choose the sessions for the Summit. Even when the schedule is set and done it’s hard for us attendees to choose as well. There are many sessions going on at the same time that you want to attend and you can’t, you have to decide!


DARIELA: I love the sessions that are dynamic and that I feel I can do what they are teaching right away, so my favorite was my sister’s! I know, I know, but I’m not just saying it because it’s her, I actually haven’t done one of her workshops like this before and you might want to hear my opinion.

Dari had a Wellness Circle Mindful Rituals to enhance your Creative Power” which is set-up for about ten people in a round table, more as a workshop than a session. Basically, you learn how to create a new habit, but not just any habit, she guides you step-by-step starting with what you really love to do, then what you need to improve in. So I decided to create a new habit of exercising, I wrote down how, when and why will I do this. She also helped me creating an accountability system for my habit. And guess what? I already started my new habit this week! And if I want to create another ritual, I can go back to the step-by-step plan she gave us (beautiful printable forms that help you!).

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DARIANA: One of my favorite sessions was called “Taking Content Offline With Meet-Ups And Events In Collaboration With Brands” taught by Rocio Mora and Ada Rojas. Their story was super inspiring because they met last year at the Summit and during that whole year they had put together a whole local and super responsive community of fans that were ready for their sponsored events. I learned about how to acquire sponsors and many details of what is important about collaborations and taking your business to meet your community face to face. I am all about real life connections, so this session was perfect for us because we are looking into meeting our local community. In fact, if you are a creative artist in LA please be part of our Facebook community here.



The Keynote that touched us

DARIELA: Oh my goodness, my very favorite (and it’s hard to pick believe me!) was the Creating Espacios hour hosted by Chase Slate. I learned about the Creating Espacios podcast which I never knew existed. It’s a space created for Self-Made Latinas who are innovating in their spaces, hosted by Vivian Nuñez. It was like watching 5 Ted talks on stage of women very similar to us, I don’t have many words to describe this, but it’s very touching when you see somebody that has gone after their dream and you can tell that they have been working hard on it plus that person seems very similar to you. It moves you on all levels.
I am now a faithful listener of the podcast. Good thing I have tons of installments to hear because they just started their second season as I write this.

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DARIANA: I totally agree with Dari, Creating Espacios was my favorite one too. It felt like another storyteller session. The reason why this session resonated so much with me is because I love stories. I love listening to encouraging stories. These type of stories are a good reminder for our lives to build resilience and to remember that the most important part of life isn’t the “bad” things that happen or the obstacles and fears that seem to paralyze us. What really matters is what we do about that, how we get up and keep going even when the whole world seems to be going the other way. There is always a way to success and happiness and it involves taking persistent action and getting out of our comfort zone. Those were the messages that stuck with me after this presentation!

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We All Grow is a place that has our hearts. We always come out of the Summit with so much inspiration and feeling even more passionate to do what we do. This year we felt so empowered and embraced, there was warmth and good vibrations in every corner.  The theme for this year was “Energy of Sisterhood” which matches PERFECTLY with what we experienced.

Come back later this week for the second part!

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