WeAllGrow Summit: Getting Pampered while Growing!

We had the best time at WeAllGrow Summit which always includes getting pampered! In the spirit of growing and sharing with you, we are continuing our 2-part recap from our favorite conference (Check out the first WAG recap part here).

Weallgrow Summit 2017 -DariDesignStudio.com

Today we are talking about how we got pampered, our own sessions and the party!

Getting pampered

Part of the experience of the summit is how brands spoil the attendees. They plan their suites so nice so that we can learn about them but at the same time you are having such a nice experience, it’s the best!
DARIELA: Breakfast in bed is always a winner in my books. This time we got breakfast sponsored by La Lechera and I ordered Dulce de Leche pancakes, OMG! They were as delicious as it sounds, plus nothing like not having to rush out in the morning to get the breakfast which I always make sure to do because it’s my favorite meal.

But I can’t stop at one favorite here because if you follow me on Snapchat(@darielacruz) you have probably already seen how Neutrogena pampers us, full makeup, skin care for your type of skin plus they had delicious popsicles, mimosas and treats all day long, que ricura!

Last but not least, the Hotel Maya. The location is stunning and this year we had the opportunity to get a room with a view, it’s the perfect place for being inspired and assisting the summit, we LOVE it!

WeAllGrow Summit: Getting Pampered -DariDeisgnStudio.com

DARIANA: I loved all the sponsors. Here is a quick list of my top 3. Number one Glad Rock Nails Soy nail polish remover. I was very happy to know new businesses are being created by latinas in the pursuit for a less toxic world. I already used it and I love not having to use acetone on my nails. You should definitely try it out.

Another one of my favorites is Flora; they are a healthy brand that I already use. Being a vegan I’m always on the search for whole food nutrients and minerals that can support my diet and lifestyle. I am currently in love with their Iron Floradix drops. And last but not least where the wallpapers by Samantha Santana, as artists I’m always admiring other artists work. I think her flowers and nature art gave the summit a bright touch of color and visual happiness!!

Spreading knowledge and Growing


DARIELA: I am SO HAPPY AND THANKFUL I was able to participate again as a speaker this year. This time with the DSLR workshop I had a very different experience. I got to work very close to the people I want to help out, We were able to get into those cameras a bit more and explore the wonders of photography, my passion!

It’s so enriching to teach. At the same time I am giving knowledge I am also learning a lot. Time was not enough to teach everything I had plans for, but it’s ok because this is what helps me grow and make this class better for students, see I’m also learning!! If you are interested in receiving updates on the next Photography workshops, you can sign up here.

Creative Habits roadmap -DariDesignStudio.com

DARIANA: I had many moments of awe during my session, I absolutely love meeting people in a small setting and being able to spend an hour with them helping them figure out which habits and rituals will take them to the next level and closer to their dreams.

My session always invites some introspection and self-awareness and on some occasions, we ended up all tearing up as we listened to each others’ journeys. See, the thing is, when we take a close look at our current habits and what stops us, we end up facing our fears. Facing our fears and being vulnerable is good because in that self-inquiry that we can find our own medicine. A new ritual roadmap with customizable accountability that will guide us back into alignment with who we are and where we are going.

Because many people weren’t able to attend my session I made a little video series to pair-up with the session play sheets I used during the summit. If you like access to the creative habit roadmap (that’s how I call it) please sign up here.

Energy of Sisterhood-DariDesignStudio.com

Party with Passion!

There was really only one party during the Summit so we didn’t have to pick a favorite (Phew!!!) and it was out of this world! Inspired by all things Frida Kahlo, the passion was all there. Here is the lowdown of it and then check the pictures because they speak better than words!

  • alasparavolar-party-daridesignThe party’s theme was all inspired by Frida Kahlo with the name “Alas para Volar” (Wings to Fly).
  • Macy’s had some Frida outfit inspirations.
  • There were two beautiful backgrounds to take pictures in front of, one of them made by our friend Denise (@Pearmama) and her brother (@iamJeshua) and the other one by Samantha Santana (@mssamanthasantana).
  • Two great DJs playing music
  • Yummy tacos to eat and Rumchata to drink,
  • Rageddy Tiff made flower crowns for us
  • Twisted Cotton Candy



WeAllGrow Summit helps lift us up, helps us get on track with new projects, continue with old ones and it just inspires us to keep growing! We can’t wait for the next event we are able to participate with WeAllGrow!!

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