Why should you attend a Conference?


While at Hispanicize this past week I had an Aha moment! where I started to see more clearly how important was for me to show up at this Conferences and how is my inspiration, endurance and creativity connected to my attendance to these events. So the big highlighted question in my head was

Why should you attend a Conference? 

… And before I go on. I mean: Why should you attend a Conference in your field not once but several times a year

• To get out of my daily routine and give myself the opportunity to  grow as a professional by embracing new settings. How are you going to know how you really behave, talk, sell yourself, react and/or feel if you don’t put yourself out there. I know we all know this, but getting out at least 3 times a year to a BIG conference has now moved up in my priority list! I learned many things about myself, I also found many others I want to improve and achieve. All of them I would have never really looked at in the face if it wasn’t because I immersed myself in the ocean of this conference. And even if is teh same conference every year there are always new people, make an effort to hang around outside of your click often.

• Networking, Networking and Networking. It never ceases to surprise me how the best projects or the best connections or ideas come from the people that I least expected. Of course in a conference your chances of making great connections are higher than in your home office. But I bring out this point because, often times while at a conference I end up working an idea together with someone that I’ve known for a long time. So, not only new people bring new opportunities, older relationships bring new ideas too under the magic of these huge events.

• To feel that I belong. At Hispanicize I felt I belonged. The main and most obvious reason is because I blog, and this was a conference for bloggers but there are also many other commun grounds such as I’m hispanic, I’m a women, I work from home, I’ve a dream, I own a business, I like all things entrepreneur, etc… I can go on and on. My point is the soft and comfortable feeling of belonging is a human nature desire and I think we should bring it into our lives often, specially if you work in your home office like me. That been said though, often conferences will only give you maybe one or two commun grounds and the rest is all new. Embrace that too, newness and uncomfortable is also a growing place and very necessary to burst new qualities in us.

• Face to face interaction. I have to confess, the first thing that people ask me all the time is: Don’t you get lonely working from home by yourself? the answer is 70% yes 30% no, Connecting with others in a personal level is essencial for human beings and a must for women. I’m always balancing out that side of my work because I think is very important to not isolate yourself, especially if you are like me that enjoys solitude so much. With face to face interaction comes all great benefits of real life business relationships, let’s not allow social media to makes us forget that.

These are reminders for me (and yes there are so many more reasons). As always, I hope they help you as well. When in doubt of attending a Conference, always remember we all rather do business with people than with a company. We buy and work with people mostly based on their personality and how we connect with them.

Also I heard many experienced bloggers say -Every year is the same thing (same people) I don’t think this is worth it anymore. I disagree, but again this was my first time. Sometimes is good to remember the excitement you had when you started. I hope this blog post not only reminds you of some good facts and reasons to invest in conferences but also helps you resemble that pasion for your blog again.

I would love to hear about what are your reasons to attend a Conference!! and which one do you attend




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  1. akiko says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post. I don’t think I ever attend conference, but am thinking to try it. You reminded me great reasons to give it a try! Thank you for sharing this :) xo akiko
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