5 Lessons learned during our Indiegogo Campaign


If you are thinking of raising funds through a crowd-funding plattform, weather is through Kickstarter or IndieGoGo this post is for you. As first timers doing a crowd-funding Indiegogo Campaign– let me tell you it was challenging! we didn’t reach our goal, ok lets just say it we didn’t even raised $1000 through Indiegogo.

However, in retrospect I don’t know how we could be where we are NOW ( So close to reaching our goal) without Indiegogo. Besides the fact that the funds we raised were very helpful, it worked as a huge microphone. Our Indiegogo Campaign amplified our Dream reach and the world knew we were serious and that we had a definite goal. From that point on everything else started aligning perfectly as step stones to reach our goal.

5 Lessons Learned during our Indiegogo Campaign

1. Be open to help others. I’m now more open to help others. I even schedule a little time to listen (click on a link and read) about other peoples goals, dreams, projects in social media (and real life too!). If we all did this the world will change for the better immediately, don’t you think?

2. Make a decision and take the first step. When you take the first step towards your dream not knowing how it would all unfold, the Universe takes over and shows you the way. For us our “Indiegogo Campaign” was more like our 2nd phase first step (after staring our portfolio almost a year ago).  Once we made the campaign live (besides the money raised through the campaign) we started receiving family donations, big  design jobs and ramdom sponsorships offers that we never thought possible in a million years.

3. Practicing problem solving skills. Through the whole process there was failure, challenges and obstacles. Some were small some made us feel self-doubt and discouragement. Powering through all of those feelings with a mind set of creative problem solving and possibilities is key.

4. There is always a way. The thing is it might not look the way you thought it was going to look. So staying open and letting the whole process unfold allowed us to welcome any  other different way or new possibility to reach our goal.

5. Make a plan. Even though I believe there is a force that is helping you and guiding you always through challenging times. You also have to do your part. Getting organized, as to, how are you going to market your campaign (social media) is the biggest thing you could do for yourself and  it makes it easy for your contributors as well.

A lot of these lessons I already new but is only when you experienced them over and over that they sink in more and they become renovating. They also start becoming a new and helpful habit that take you to a better level of doing business and a higher place of being and relating to your goals and to others.

Overall I loved the experience and I would be open to do it again putting in practice what I learned this time.

Also, there are many things I would do differently, to name some…

• I would create the crow-fundingcampaign in our own site first. Once the momentum is going I would add it to Indiegogo to raise another part of the total funds.

• I wouldn’t try to get it into kickstarted (wich we tried this time). In my opinion Indiegogo is way better even though is less popular. Here is a great article about it.

• I would start sending emails and calling prospect contributors (not friends and family) before the campaign is up. We only did this once the campaign was up and running.

• I wouldn’t do it close to the Holidays. We all have greater expenses through the Holidays to cope with and is harder to budget for extra donations or expenses.

Our journey continues…

You are welcome to keep supporting us through June 2013

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 8.09.10 PM
Our campaign now lives in our website. If you still want to support us and contribute please do it here. If you do, please pick one of the perks we offer as our thank you! we would also hug you if we could !

Are you about to start your journey towards a dream? are you considering crowd-funding? we can share and help each other…

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