You are probably not clear yet about what we do here, right? –no worries we understand, We get that a lot!!. Above all we want to bring you value! Here is a quick overview with more specifics:

We offer Design Services for your brand. Particularly logos and digital designs. We are open to doing other design projects with you as well. If you love our colorful and vibrant look check out more of our design work here.

• We offer Photography Services for your products (tangible or digital products) and your location. We also offer stock photos that can be helpful for your social media and blogging needs. Check more of that here.

• We offer creative and habit building coaching, classes, public speaking and programs. We are excited about sharing with you what we gather. Learn with us one-on-one, through coaching or at an event.

• We license our surface pattern design work. That means that our designs are licensed to be applied onto cards, wrapping paper, wall art, curtains, and many other products. We created a whole separate website for that!

We created this Virtual Home for you! It’s made with LOVE and centered on what we love doing – Vibrant Photography, Inspiration for your Creative Growth and the Impulse to embrace and pursue your Dreams.

We are Big about Dreams because we are on the journey of becoming our own Dreams daily. We LOVE sharing our passionate journey with you. In doing so we wish our guidance, tools and teachings support you in your journey of exploring, expressing and embracing the infinite creativity within you!

Imagine us being more than just a physical studio. We believe anywhere the creative process happens is our studio, and our world is full of creativity. We are Venezuelan sisters, living in 2 different California cities (Los Angeles and San Diego) connected through creative work and our powerful soul energy.

Gracias por visitarnos y compartir nuestro Sueño!

I love bright colors, cats, being a mom, taking pictures (specially of coffee cups), crowded places, bilingual kids, baroque music, nature, blogging, family traditions and New York.

I come from working in the corporate world as a graphic designer for a long time. I’ve designed logos, brochures, packaging and anything you can imagine for more than 10 years.

Now it’s truly fulfilling to be able to select the projects that I want to design and most of all collaborate with brands, business and solo entrepreneurs that I care about and identify with.

Besides designing, I love photography, time flies when I’m looking through my camera. Exercising my eye for image seeking becomes such a great creativity catalyst for me. I can’t wait to design and take pictures for you! I can see beauty in you where you might not see it yet!

I would love to get to know you more, here are other platforms where you can find more about me!

I love deep conversations, nature, solitude, intimacy, connection, cats, speaking Spanish, creating things from scratch, cooking healthy foods, salsa dancing, the moon, habit building, spirituality, running and drinking smoothies.

I’ve devoted most of my life to exploring countless art expressions. The last 10 years or so I’ve been in love with design and illustration. I’ve also devoted much time and energy to studying self-awareness and to cultivating a spiritual practice. I truly believe we are all creative beings. All the fulfilled and meaningful people I’ve met in my life are always activating their creativity, their invention, innovation, idea seeking and curiosity. I hope to inspire you to do the same through my creative journey!

I’m a teacher, a student, and everything in between, a very motivated “work in progress” brave Latina transforming dull life into a STRONG VIDA and talking about it out loud. I love being able to share with you tools and stories that you can use to make your life and business better. In exchange I will be your student forever, for I know all I see in life came to teach me something.

Let’s get to know each other better, here are other platforms where you can find me!

By sharing our CREATIVITY and our INTUITIVE GIFTS we alleviate the discomfort that might be in you, caused by believing you are uncreative, by the isolation you endure, and by feeling stuck and disconnected from your INNER WISDOM.

We then sprinkle DAILY INSPIRATION, we share with you our JOURNEY and our STORY, showing up as AGENTS OF TRANSFORMATION and reminding you that when we create using our DYNAMIC RADIANT ENERGY we are contributing to the EVOLUTIONARY impulse of the Universe and to our CAPACITY to expand into our FULLEST POTENTIAL.

By allowing ourselves to be the CHANNELS from which creation is being manifested, we invite the possibility of FULFILLMENT because our lives are aligned to our innate life PURPOSE of GIVING.

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