Two New Paths for Dari Design

The one thing people always say to us is – You guys are so lucky, I could never work with my sister! And the thing is – We know!! We are super lucky!! We’ve always known our sisterhood is a special one. We always felt an undeniable bond a feeling of knowing each other beyond this life experience. For as…

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Photography Fever

DIY Valentines Photo Wall Hanging

Valentine’s Day is one of those commercial holidays that I love a lot. So I decided to make a useful photo wall hanging to celebrate the day. We’ve been eyeing lots of cool art wall hangings over on Pinterest and Dari even made several with illustrations and decorations herself a while back. There are so many possibilities!! At the time I was planning…

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Inspiring You

Font Friday: Harman Font

I get so excited when it’s time to showcase fonts!! Yay! It’s always a little hard to decide because I’m geeky about so many fonts. But sometimes it can be easy, like today, because the moment I decided to do this Font Friday, I knew which one to feature. Today’s font: Harman Font by Ahmet Altun. We use this font a lot…

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Inspiring You

Tips for Traveling with Purpose

Traveling has always been at the core of my deepest dreams —ever since I can remember. I’m referring to the dreams we hope to manifest in life. Not the ones we get in our sleep. I am always in traveling mode, even when I’m not traveling. I am particularly excited to tell you about traveling this Labor Day weekend because…

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Design Bites

Free Printable Notebook Covers

Thank you to HP Instant Ink for partnering with us to create these printable notebook covers. While we are not in school anymore, we love love school and office supplies, and who doesn’t love a cute notebook? So we decided to put some of our patterns to good use and make you some useful notebook covers for those generic notebooks…

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