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Pick My Brain

– Single 60 min. Sessions

Creative Coaching

– Single 60 min. Sessions

Feeling the itch to see whats inside my brain? I'm open to show you and have fun brainstorming. For sure you will find a brain (and soul) filled with creativity and spirituality. I believe our intuition is our highest self voice and I love blending that practice with all my creative endeavors and entrepreneurship. I can help you with:

• Prioritizing and selecting your projects, habits and ideas.

• With tools and tips so you can gain traction and increase your productivity.

• Creating a plan to form your first purposeful and healthy habit. And help sticking to it.

• Identifying habits you’d like to create in your life.

• Having a conversation about what is making you feel stuck and giving you options and ideas to get out of your funk.

• A sincere talk about your life's purpose, dream and curiosity and how it can guide your life to a more meaningful experience.

• Tapping into your own intuition for guidance and answers.

Do you need a little help? Let’s schedule a time to talk. As a mindful entrepreneur and creative business owner, I’m here to help you. I believe innovation, creativity and taking action on your ideas is key for a fulfilled life. You don't need to be an artist to have a session with me. We are all innately creative. I can help you with:

• Get started in the Surface Pattern Design Business.

• Help you with ideas on how to creatively monetize your business.

• Answer your questions about trade shows, particularly Surtex and the Vegas Licensing Show.

• Answer your questions about creative business growth.

• Guide you through choosing a healthy habit that will directly benefit you and help you reach your goal.

• Any other topic related to your creative life or business in which we could help make a difference.

• Get started and consistent with a meaningful project you have put on the back burner. Like writing a book, or starting your company, or training for a marathon. Whatever it is I'll help you prioritize in your life what matters most to you.

$ 80.00

$ 100.00


Pippa-Shaw-Surface-Pattern-Designer-Dari-DesignDariana you are so easy to talk to – like a friend I haven’t seen for a while!  After our session I feel like I’m finding it easier to focus on my personal projects and to balance my personal projects with client projects. I’m also being more realistic about how much I can do in a day!.

I would definitely recommend your coaching sessions to anyone who needs the benefit of the experience of someone who has been in the business for a while and who understands the pressures of working on your own, exhibiting at shows such as Surtex, and client relationships. It was a really fun experience! And so nice to take a step back and see the bigger picture and get some perspective. Thank you! 

– Pippa Shaw | Surface Pattern Designer |

What I liked best about our time together was that you exude a thoughtful and calming presence.  You reassured me that my struggles and concerns were normal, that I wasn’t alone in feeling overwhelmed by the constant stream of information and false ‘opportunities’ that distract me from achieving my goals. You provided me with some key action steps to set goals and track my progress.  You also made a revelatory suggestion for accountability that I would have never thought of on my own.  Our conversation was very insightful and I left feeling both calmer and more energized.

My time is very flexible and that has actually been a deterrent to making consistent progress on my goals.  Each day I must plan out the following day and schedule in time for art making, time for marketing etc.  I try to accomplish 2 MIT’s – most important things – each day.

I now feel like I have an actual plan, and I am not just ‘swimming in circles’ anymore.  I have set goals broken down into smaller actions steps.  I know I cannot do everything at once, so achieving just 1 thing is more satisfying than doing bits of everything and getting nowhere.  I would definitely recommend your coaching sessions to artist like myself who has professional experience working in-house but is trying to establish herself as an independent licensing artist.  Thank you! I really  enjoyed our conversation and have found an accountability partner which has been very effective.  Some days I don’t do much, but committed to making daily progress.

Carol Lelivelt | Textile and Surface Pattern Designer |



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