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six modules to choose from

You have decided to exhibit at SURTEX this year, yet have no idea how to get started. If you are anything like us, you are filled with technical questions wishing you had someone that could answer them all. Between the pressure of creating as much art as possible and making sure everything else (booth banners, marketing ads, giveaways, and so on) gets done, you can definitely use some one-on-one help!!

Starts at $300

LATEST NEWS! We are accepting 5 Exhibitors for Surtex 2017. We will coach you all the way to Surtex and even help you set-up and break-down your booth! We are also offering less hands on coaching programs!

The Shift Circle

Monthly Subscription

Get inspired to form healthy daily habits, and find the accountability you need to be successful through daily one-on-one connection with someone who cares about your progress. Choose one habit and let’s work on it together.

Starts at $10 a month

LATEST NEWS! Our community is intimate and every month we tackle a new habit!


Month to Month Project Guidance

Having a hard time focusing on the work that matters? Look, I get it. Your days are spent answering emails, working with clients, taking care of personal stuff and running the day-to-day in your business. You need someone to help you stay on track with the projects that really matter to your life and your business. That’s why I created this package.

Starts at $300

I only take on 5 embark enthusiastic per month, make sure you get on the VIP list to be the fist to know!


Six Months Journey

Are you out of focus and distracted? Together we’ll get clear about your most important business and personal goals, based on how you feel and where you want to go in your life. With these goals as guidance, we’ll take a close look at your obligations and all the things on your plate - removing those things that don’t fit within your purpose filter.

Starts at $1,200

I only take on 2 align enthusiastic per month, make sure you get on the VIP list to be the fist to know!



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