Font Friday: Harman Font

Harman font image, I love to Blog widget for you to use FREE

I get so excited when it’s time to showcase fonts!! Yay! It’s always a little hard to decide because I’m geeky about so many fonts. But sometimes it can be easy, like today, because the moment I decided to do this Font Friday, I knew which one to feature.

Today’s font: Harman Font by Ahmet Altun.

Handmade Harman Fonts

We use this font a lot here in the blog and for designing as well. It has 17 styles according to the author, and they are all handmade.

I love the versatility it gives me while designing, it has a beautiful script style, sans serif and serif styles too. Also, the styles come with an inline version, what else could we ask for…?

Harman Font Extras Image Harman Font Extras Image

Harman extra elements! Yes, very useful, modern extras that will accommodate easily to your designs. I wanted to make more “I Love to Blog” graphics but I ran out of time, with the variety of Harman fonts it’s pretty easy to make many combinations!

Harman font graphic, I LOVE TO BLOG widget for you to use FREE

Handmade Harman Fonts


Happy Font Friday!

PS: Remember you can download the “I love to Blog” graphics FREE for your own personal use!

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