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In April we released our ebook Stand Out! – An Illustrated and Actionable Digital Guide for Artists. Our goal was to share actionable advice and wisdom from industry experts to help you take steps toward growing your business.  The experts we collaborated with shared some AMAZING insight and several of them have agreed to talk more with us!

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Cody Moore Interview at DariDesignStudio.comWe’re so pleased to have Cody Moore from Mpix joining us today for an interview! Cody is an artist creating and working in mid-Missouri with her husband and son. In 2006, she graduated from Missouri State University with a BFA in Design with

In 2006, she graduated from Missouri State University with a BFA in Design with dual emphasis in Graphic Design and Illustration. For nearly three years she worked in the publishing industry designing magazines, then in 2009 leapt into the photography industry as a template Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Miller’s Professional Imaging and their two other subsidiary companies, MpixPro and Mpix.

Currently she is the Creative Template Manager for Miller’s, managing the artwork acquisition and template implementation process for all their photo gift products and templates sold in the pro photographer and photo consumer enthusiast markets.


Cody Moore pattern

Aromatic Blue by Cody Moore

Dari Design: Tell us a little about your work as an artist and a buyer? What kind of work do you do, and what compelled you to become an artist?

Cody: I am a mixed media artist, illustrator and designer. I like to work with all types of media but my favorite are colored pencils (watercolor and regular), charcoal, pen and ink and acrylic paint. I love to illustrate,create patterns and have illustrated for magazines and photo products. I also play a lot with ceramics, canvas painting and creating three-dimensional illustrations.

I also manage the art acquisition and template implementation for Miller’s. My job includes commissioning artwork for photo products, working with the Art Director to provide feedback, tracking projects, preflighting files and ensuring quality standards throughout the implementation process to the website or software. There are a lot of moving parts but it’s rewarding when the whole process comes together, and in the end, you have a great photo product with awesome artwork. It’s also inspiring because I work with a lot of great artists that create so much amazing work.

I think what compelled me to become an artist was seeing others create artwork. I wanted to create artwork as well. I started out as an Early Childhood Development major in college and had two friends who were Design majors. I saw all the projects they were working on and I remember thinking I wanted to do that too. I switched my major to Design after a year.

Cody Moore - Nature Field Guide pattern

Nature Field Guide by Cody Moore

DD: What was your first job, artistic or otherwise?

CM: My first artistic jobs were freelance. I created a website for my brother and designed a cd disc and packaging for a musician.

DD: For Stand Out!, you shared your insight on polished and professional when reaching out to new buyers, art directors, and other professionals. What else would you like our readers to know about that? Or perhaps you would like to give another tip?

CM: I do have another tip: I would make sure to research the company or organization you would like to contact and have work on your website portfolio that you can see fitting their brand aesthetic. It helps an Art Director or buyer more easily see how your work will translate to the products for which they are acquiring artwork.

Cody Moore - House on Clouds

House on Clouds by Cody Moore

DD: As an artist, what are the things that inspire you to create?

CM: The artists I work with are really inspiring. I’m always excited, when I commission artwork, to see the proofs. Nature inspires me to create, as well. I love collecting nature items and experimenting with adding them into my artwork. I’m always collecting feathers, rocks, flowers that I dry or press, birds nests (found on the ground in my yard!), pine cones, sea shells and any other interesting items I come across. My son also helps inspire me to create. He is very free with his art making. Sometimes we’ll work side by side on our own art projects. Traveling and getting out is also another spark for me too.

Aromatic Blue - Graduation card - Cody Moore

Aromatic Blue – Graduation card – Cody Moore

DD: Can you tell our readers what you’ve been up to lately? What are the big projects that you are currently working on?

CM: I am working on building my pattern and illustration portfolio for licensing my artwork. Currently, I’m creating a lot of floral patterns. I’m also working on a floral alphabet alongside my friend, Elena Wilken. It’s an art prompt we gave each other to help create work for our portfolios.

Cody Moore - Language of Flowers Alphabet

Language of Flowers Alphabet by Cody Moore

DD: Looking ahead what advice would you give to your 70-year-old self now?

CM: Be yourself, balance is key and have fun.

Thank you Cody!

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