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Your brand is what reflects your essence and your message.
Make it authentically you! También diseñamos en español!

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Our work is artsy, bold, and a bit modern

We’re selective about the logos we design, looking for a good match between your business and culture and our vibrant, bold style. We’ve found this approach improves your experience and the results of our work. Select us for our style, and trust us to align our designs with your brand.

We start by doing extensive research on your brand and create our ideas in combination with learning about your culture, what you envision, and our marketing expertise. Interpreting your brand through our style is our top priority, and we know you’ll enjoy the results. 

We know you have questions about our Logo Design Process

Logos we design can be broken into two categories. A simple “typography only” logo or a logo that involves a icon, image or any visual beyond words. Even if your logo is a re-design we put them into one of these categories.

Our work together for a “typography only” logo begins at $800 and includes a comprehensive brand style sheet in addition to your digital logo files. You’ll receive fonts, colors, and specific design do’s and don’ts to keep your brand cohesive and uniform regardless of who designs for you in the future.

It’s common to have an idea of what you would like your logo to be. If this idea leaves space for imagination and design we are all for it! However sometimes our clients have an even more perfect picture of exactly what they want. You might even have a jpg image or a clipart image that needs to be digitalized and have some text or names added. This is common too and a good approach to your logo as well. If this is the case we prefer to put you in touch with photoshop specialists that can do this job for you.

That depends in part on you. First logo options are sent 8 business days after payment of your initial deposit. Your logo designs are finalized after you provide feedback and approve the proofs. We will design a completely new logo for you or re-design and refresh your existing logo if you prefer.

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