Long Beach Pow Wow

Long Beach Pow Wow experience, learn all about this global network of artists, this time in Long beach, CA. -DariDesignStudio.com

Last month Vinny and I went to a great art event here in Los Angeles. The second annual Long Beach Pow! Wow! As an artist, I was in complete awe! What a great idea it is to work locally in many communities with the purpose of enriching and beautifying the community with art and music. Who doesn’t like art? who doesn’t like music? who doesn’t like community? This day just reminded me that there is so much we can do for our community through Art.

The Pow Wow events started in Hawaii and they are now increasingly globally. It’s a week long event where local and international artists are invited to paint a mural with their art on an outdoor city wall. There are also music classes going on for local musicians between the ages of 13-18.

Mural Tour

Long Beach Pow Wow tour -MamiTalks.com

We went on a very inspiring tour to look at the murals while they were being painted. It was great to see each artist’s technique and to imagine how the finished mural was going to look. It made me think how different it would be for me to see my art on a large canvas like that.

We were able to talk to some of the artists and also to some of the volunteers. Pow! Wow! exists not for profit, and all their events happened for the love of art.

One of the main Long Beach Directors told me that volunteering to help paint someone else’s mural is a great experience because it can be very meditative and calming. I had never looked at it that way. He said, “It’s great because you aren’t stressed out about how the final piece is going to look, you just enjoy painting what you were told to paint.” It’s contradictory yet I can see how that could feel freeing for an artist.

Long Beach Harbor Cruise + Hula

Hula mural and harbor cruise in Long beach -DariDesignStudio.com

After the Mural tour around downtown Long Beach, we went on a cruise of the Long Beach Harbor and got to see a close-up look at world renowned artist Hula’s newest mural from the sea in progress.

Hula’s work is amazing!! He took to the water to create semi-submerged murals while balancing on his stand up paddleboard. He paints women faces adding beauty to the abandon. His images speak for themselves and it was so interesting to see his process while he painted one of the walls of the Queensway Bridge.

If you ever come by Long Beach make sure you take a little cruise like this one and spot Hula’s painting under the bridge. It’s a great art stop on your way to whale watching or on your way to visit the Queen Mary!

I think events like this one really change the face of a city with its large-scale mural installations. I now want to be more aware of art murals when I travel, just because a mural city tour can be so inspiring and spark so much creativity.

Aquarium of the Pacific Event 

Aquarium of the pacific in Long Beach event -DariDesignStudio.com

After the refreshing cruise tour, we were invited to the Aquarium of the Pacific for their Night Dive event. This is such a fun event! It’s a summer event for adults-only packed with local bands, Dj’s spinning in different areas, more inspiring works of art, cocktails and drinks and tasty bites from food trucks.

As artists who love travel, we are so happy to see events like Pow! Wow! growing in other areas globally.

Is there one near you, or one that you would travel to visit? Let us know, so that as we travel we can be more aware of them and join in celebrating this beautiful form of art!

Long Beach Pow Wow experience -DariDesignStudio.com

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