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Upcoming Workshops and Speaking Sessions

GuidedMeditation_LAEvery Thursday night at 7pm. we gather to meditate at Sadies, a pole dancing studio in Redondo Beach California.

We would like to invite you to our Mindful Space.
On-going every Thursday night!!

We begin with a 20-minute guided meditation following a reading and a heart-centered conversation. Ending with a closing 5 minute meditation and affirmative prayer to carry us throughout the week.

Purpose: To share with each other and support each other on our creative journeys. To build friendships and community. To deepen or get started with meditation and mindful practices and learn from each other.

What to Bring: a journal if you want to record insights, a meditation pillow (any pillow will work, but there will also be folding chairs available) and an open mind.

Donation: A loving donation of $10 is appreciated but not required.

Make sure you signup in advance
signup here http://www.sadiespole.com/schedule/

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Hi everyone! Want to hang out together at this month’s Watercolor + Wine event at Mar Vista Art Dept. in Venice Beach? It looks like a fun and inspiring way to relax, meet other creatives — enjoying each other’s company as we paint and sip some wine!

RSVP for this event through our Facebook Page or Meetup Event!


It’s $35 for the session and that includes all art materials and wine. You do have to purchase a ticket in advance on their website through this link:



Here’s the event description:

Join us once a month for our Watercolor + Wine Thursdays!


This evening is set aside to take us out of our every day routine and inspire a little bit of relaxation and free-flowing creativity with friends, fellow creatives, and folks from our community.

This event will be held at MV Art Department in Venice Beach, CA. You do not need to bring anything with you, but if you have any favorite materials you are more than welcome to bring them otherwise everything will be provided! Wine will be included as well as all supplies you will need throughout the night. Each creator will leave with their own finished work and a sense of creative freedom!
Please note, this is not a watercolor workshop – this is an evening of creating and community to inspire you! If you are looking to sign up for a workshop, please check the calendar and find an event titled “Watercolor Workshop” where you will gain a greater in depth knowledge about the art of watercolor!


Come nurture and inspire your creative spirit in the beautiful Huntington Gardens! We hope you can join us Sunday July 23rd for a sketch crawl & lunch. The fun begins at 10:30 am – we’ll sketch for a couple of hours then meet back at the admissions area for a picnic lunch. No drawing experience required, all levels are welcome!

Event Schedule:

10:30 Meetup outside the admissions gate
10:45 – 12:45 Sketch crawl in the garden
1:00 Meet back at the picnic area near the Admissions building for group lunch

–Tickets are $29 each and can be purchased at the gate or online https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/huntingtonga/items/28874/calendar/2017/07/
–Bring your favorite sketching supplies (sketchbook, pens, pencils, etc)
–Wear comfortable clothes and shoes
–Also bring any other items you might need like hats, blankets, sunscreen
–For lunch, either plan to buy something there, or bring your lunch. Storage lockers are available at the admissions building.
–Don’t forget to eat a healthy breakfast so you have plenty of creative energy!

Let us know if you are coming on our Facebook Event or our Meetup Event

Come have some summer fun with us!

somos venezolanas y todos nuestros servicios están disponibles en español

Past Workshops and Speaking Sessions

Wellness Circle at We All Grow Summit  -Long Beach, CA
-By Dariana Moreira

Benefits of creating purposeful healthy habits for creative entrepreneurs

Rituals include:

  • Morning Rituals: To help you build your own set of habits, according to your creative intentions.
  • Daily MITs: To do the most important tasks (MITs) daily and make sure these tasks align with your purpose.
  • Mind-Body Rituals: To stay healthy and fuel your creative power.
  • Financial Rituals: To reduce financial worries implementing money management habits.
  • Feeding your Creative Well: To stay inspired and in touch with our inner child so that we can inspire others.


  • Training oneself to take action in spite of “not feeling like it.”
  • Keeping your focus on the journey and not the finish line.
  • Making discomfort your friend.
  • The importance of an accountability partner.
  • Why procrastination is always fear and how to overcome it.
  • Specific practices for “working from home.”

Mentor Session at We All Grow Summit  -Long Beach, CA
-By Dariela Cruz

Learn professional valuable photography tips on the spot!

Learn professional valuable photography tips on the spot in an intimate and customized environment for creatives to get the opportunity to see all the photography lessons in motion and not in theory.

Attendees will learn professional photography tips on the spot, customized to their specific voice and platform category.

  • Show me your photos and I’ll review them, give you feedback, tell you if you’re on the right track and what you need to improve.
  • Learn tips on how to style your photos with a hands-on product set.
  • Bring your camera and let’s make magic! This is the best method to learn little tricks that only come up in the midst of the process.
  • Get a cheat sheet of what we talked about to take home so you remember what you need practice on.
  • Bring a list of all the questions you have and would like to have me answer by showing you on the camera, computer or in a real setting

Photo Walk Session at ¡Dime! Summit  -Miami, FL
-By Dariela Cruz

Learn professional valuable phoneography tips on the spot!

Attendees will learn professional phoneography tips on the spot, as we walk through the beautiful Wynwood Arts District. Join Alicia Saavedra, Divani Vasil, and me as we take a morning stroll, capturing the vibrant arts scene in Wynwood using just our smartphones!

Workshop Session at ¡Dime! Summit  -Miami, FL
-By Dariela Cruz

Learn the secrets to creating eye-catching social media graphics!

Visuals are everything when it comes to social media content regardless of whether you are using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. The good news is that you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to learn how to create simple but eye-catching imagery to enhance your content.

Helo Artistpreneurs!

This event will inspire you and nurture your creative spirit with many rituals, tools and stories. You will leave this place ready to embark deeper into aliment with your unique ideas using your intuition as the main compass to help you navigate your creative business.

Price is $20 at the door

Click here to purchase your ticket!


•Three creative sessions,

•Semi-dinner snacks

•and goodie bags

Here is the Breakdown:

4:00-4:30pm. Meet and Greet

4:30-5pm. Creativity Meditation and mini talk – Guided by Dariana

5:00pm. Moon Juice will be demoing how to use their Creative Dust to enhance your creativity powers – By Alicia Webb

5:40pm. Snack Break – Provided by “Soon to be announce delicious sponsor”

6:15pm. Storyteller Main Session –by Nicole Piar

Working artist and illustrator, Nicole Piar has practiced intuitive channeling for 15 years. She will share practical, tried-and-true methods for incorporating intuitive guidance in navigating crucial decisions in your art business. She will offer insights into recognizing the difference between emotional attachments and a clear intuitive message to help you stay on track and in alignment with your highest purpose. She will tell her story of how she actively worked with her intuition to create her Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck, run a successful Kickstarter campaign, and open up a profitable new revenue stream in her business.

Nicole Piar Spirit Cats


Nicole Piar is an artist and author with a BA in Art from Yale University. She is the creator of the wildly popular Spirit Cats Inspirational Card Deck – a playful, intuitive tool for clarity and healing. She has illustrated for the gift, stationery, fashion and home decor markets for the last 10 years. She is a member of SCBWI and is represented by Kathleen Rushall of Andrea Brown Lit. Her work balances on the vivid intersection of art, storytelling, intuition, healing and dreams.

Nicole Piar Bio

7:00pm. Interview and Q&A – Nicole Piar and Dariana

Closure and goodie bags from sponsors!


Moon Juice


Graphaids Art Supplies (Culver City)

Nicole Piar

Dari Design Studio

Hello Artistpreneurs!!

Let’s get together to have a heart-centered conversation about our daily habits, enjoy a dinner potluck and create an intimate evening where we listen to each other and come up with our own individual roadmap to creative power according to our personal and creative goals!

Here is the idea!

1. Get to my place with a dish to share.

2. Start a purposeful conversation while nurturing our bodies (you are welcome to bring wine if you like)

  • I love talking and learning about the benefits of creating purposeful healthy habits for creative entrepreneurs.
  • I go through phases where I am easily distracted. Is motivation sometimes difficult to find for you? I sometimes struggle to follow through with your ideas and I know that usually those times is when I’m out of alignment with my habits and my intuition.
  • It’s important to actively stay on track by cultivating healthy habits and rituals in your lifestyle.
  • It’s important for us to keep our creativity elevated for the benefit of content creation, art creation and ultimately for a life of fulfillment and integrity.
  • We are all different, yet we do have one thing in common: our capacity for undivided attention and purpose to express our unique message.
  • Let’s create our own roadmap ritual based on our vision and intuition. Let’s support each other by giving each other feedback and start a conversation that will elevate our focus and creative frequency.

3. Go home and make changes by trying out new things that you learned, remembered or realized during our time together!

Sign up here!

Hi Artistpreneurs,

A while back we were talking about possibly doing a picnic/ Hollywood Bowl La la land outing? So, Lisa Lane was super kind (thanks so much Lisa) to remind me that we can all get good prices for our Hollywood Bowl tickets if we get organized now. We have to purchase the tickets together so we can all sit together.

Picnic and Surtex Talk

We will picnic before the show, because this will be the same week my sister and I will be coming back from Surtex (surface pattern design Trade Show in NYC) I thought we can dedicate our conversation about trade shows and Surtex. Why going, why not going, when are you ready? should you go if you have an agent? should you go if you want to sell products more than license, or simple help others by sharing your experiences and so on… We can bring some wine and eat potluck style.

Then we will all head over to the bowl to have fun at the concert!!. You are welcome to bring another creative friend or your significant other.

I need a head count to buy the tickets so I’ll give you guys some days to think about it. Yes? Sign up here!

We’ll meet there at 5pm. The concert is at 8pm.

The tickets are only $35 if we get them ASAP

UPDATE: we are already a group of 5 artists from the Facebook group. We have an extra ticket if any one here wants it or if a bigger group needs tickets let me know and we can buy another bunch together!

Yay!! can’t wait!!

somos venezolanas y todos nuestros servicios están disponibles en español

Book me to teach a course or speaking session at your event

I speak about:

• Healthy Habit Building.

• Daily Productivity Rituals.

• Creativity and Inner Wisdom.

• Spiritual Practices and Meditation.

• Mindful Entrepreneurship.

Workshops are designed to be hands on, practical and purposeful. My intention is that attendants leave our time together with tangible experiences to reflect upon and implement in their daily lives.

My Speaking Sessions are created from real experiences, I love to add analogies, visuals and inspiring storytelling.

We can adjust to your space, resources, materials and time. Beside choosing from our upcoming sessions, or the workshops listed below I am also open to collaborations, if you have a topic idea that aligns with my work I would love to hear about it.

Ready to Book Workshops

Connecting to others makes us stronger and fulfilled!

– Exploring 5 actionable and practical principles for more meaningful personal and business relationships

Are you finding it challenging to get to know people beyond weather talk? Technology has slowly made us less social and skeptic about finding meaningful relationships. Yet, we all still crave feeling understood, listened to and part of a community that gets us.

What we focus on expands and what we resist persists!

– Finding motivation in discipline to get closer to your dreams

Focus is an important part of manifesting your life dream. In this workshop you’ll discover habits you can cultivate in order to stay disciplined and undistracted while building your dream life.

Start Looking inward and stop arguing with reality!

– Freeing ourselves from areas of our lives that make us unhappy

We get stuck when we believe things are not happening the way they should. Life isn't manifesting itself the way we had planned. Someone, or something (that we can't control) is making us feel bad, sad, frustrated, down or mad.

We are all meant to create, invent and innovate.

– We are all creative being regardless of our profession. It's in our nature!

This gathering begins with a heart-centered conversation around how we are creative beings by nature. We’ll discuss how life’s meaning and fulfillment come from our ability to go through the vulnerability inherent in the creative process.



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